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Motherhood Unstressed

Jan 27, 2024

For many kids, school generates stress and challenges beyond studying for tests and doing homework, especially for those with conditions like ADHD or sensory processing disorders. In this episode, join us as we delve into the world of "twice-exceptional" kids—intellectually gifted individuals with simultaneous learning differences.

My guest, Julie F. Skolnick, MA, JD, is not just an expert but a parent to three twice-exceptional children. Through her service, With Understanding Comes Calm, she has supported and guided thousands facing similar journeys. Julie's new book, "GIFTED AND DISTRACTIBLE," unveils the unique challenges these remarkable kids face and provides strength-based, hands-on strategies for their success.

In this episode we explore her Cycle for Success framework, demystifying the 'why' behind challenging behaviors while emphasizing interventions that support the whole child. Julie shares insights on morning and bedtime power struggles, homework stress, understanding 'bad' behavior, identifying triggers, and becoming an advocate for your child with their teachers. Discover how to work with, not against, your child, create effective routines, and navigate the educational landscape with confidence.

🎧 This episode will equip you with the tools to understand and support twice-exceptional kids, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. 

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