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Motherhood Unstressed

Feb 3, 2020

According to the latest data, 70.5% of teens have experienced cyber bullying, 45.6% engaged in conversations about anxiety or depression, 72.1% encountered sexual content and 35.9% experienced self-harm/suicidal thoughts. These statistics can seem overwhelming and downright frightening as a parent, but there is an ally in the fight to protect our children from an increasingly connected and documented world. 

Titania Jordan is the CMO and Chief Parent Officer of Bark, which provides monitoring for texts, emails, YouTube, and 24 social media platforms. Many times, parents aren’t even aware there’s an issue or threat involving their children until Bark sends an alert. 

In this episode we cover the sheer enormity of the problem, and how you as a parent don't have to feel alone or overpowered by the reality of the online space and the risks it poses to our children. As expansive and concerning as this problem is, there is help--Bark is tech that keeps your kids safer online and in real life.

Listen in to find out what to look for, how to have the tough conversations around mental health, and become authentically closer with your children. 

Use the code MOTHERHOOD with Bark for a free month and feel empowered as parent in this new fast-paced digital world. 

Resources Mentioned

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Barkomatic (The Ultimate Resource for Online Parental Controls):

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