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Motherhood Unstressed

Oct 28, 2019

Let's talk about open relationships! Relationship coach and co-host of the True Sex & Wild Love Podcast Whitney Miller is on the show getting REAL about open and traditional relationships, and sharing how her ability to trust her inner voice despite societal norms and conditioning has led her to live an authentic and beautiful life. In this episode you will learn:

Research on the correlation between longterm relationships and boredom and keys ways to reverse it. 

Learning and growing through life transitions.

Observing triggers without judgement. 

Leaning into fear and the unknown and getting to know yourself in the process.

Open relationships aren't for everyone, but undoubtedly there are great lessons to be learned from those that choose to live their lives in a different way. Who knows what insights you may take away for your own benefit, listen in to find out! 

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Resources Mentioned:

True Sex & Wild Love Podcast with Whitney Miller and Dr. Wednesday Martin

Books: Untrue, Opening Up, Ethical Slut, More Than Two, & Sex at Dawn

True Sex & Wild Love

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