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Motherhood Unstressed

Aug 16, 2021

This week renowned spiritual medium Sarah Renee joins me for a wide ranging conversation on spirituality, mediumship and connecting with loved ones on the other side. Through her work conversing with those who have crossed over she is able to explain what happens to us when we die, how we form soul contracts with our friends and family before we are even born, and how to access the tremendous amount of support from our spiritual team of Angels, Guides and departed family members.

Over her career, Sarah has helped thousands of people, all around the world, experience a profound and deeply healing connection with Spirit. Tune in to learn more about life after death, how to expand your own intuition, and how you can ask for and recognize signs of support and direction in your own life from benevolent energies in the non-physical. 

Find out more about Sarah Renee at Follow Sarah on Instagram @mediumsarahrenee

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