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Motherhood Unstressed

Nov 4, 2019

"It's OK to sweat, it's not OK to stink." Founder of the incredible natural deodorant line, "Shining Light", Sara Salter is on the show explaining why you need to ditch pore-blocking + toxic aluminum deodorant and go for a natural version instead.

I reached out to Sara after trying her products and noticing how much they actually worked---I had to find out more about her and her company and why she decided to start it. I was thrilled to discover that she wanted something natural for her son, who upon reaching puberty started to smell like a stinky man rather than a boy. Not surprisingly, often it takes wanting to make a better choice for our children that helps us all lead healthier lives.

In this episode you'll learn why natural deodorants are so much better for you than traditional, and why children especially need a more natural solution to stinky sweat.

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