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Motherhood Unstressed

Feb 24, 2020

"I want to have more sex, I just need it to be different...more connected...more we are actually present in the same space together." Whether you have a rocking sex life, or one that's more humdrum, my guest Leah Carey will wake you up, have you sizing up your sex life and give you practical strategies to creating the sex life you want and deserve! 

Leah admits that she didn't have a fulfilling sex life until her 40's when she decided to take a road trip that began with a visit to a tantric sexual healer. Through her journey, she's learned key ways to cut to the core of sexual frustration and stagnation and is now teaching others on how to break free as well.

From spanking, to porn, to simply figuring out what turns you on, this episode is for anyone looking to spice things up and have your best sex yet! 


Leah's Podcast: Good Girls Talk About Sex

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