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Motherhood Unstressed

Jul 31, 2020

July 30th is the United Nation's World Day Against Human Trafficking, an issue that is far more widespread than you may realize.

Human trafficking includes selling people for sexual exploitation, forced labor or marriage, and even for organ harvesting. Every year, thousands of people become victims of this heinous crime, some in their native countries and others while traveling abroad. Many of these people are children.

In this special bonus episode I'm speaking with O.U.R. Rescue Director of Outreach Jani Dix about the incredible work Tim Ballard's organization is doing in conjunction with law enforcement to free and heal children from sex trafficking, and how you can join in the fight too.

Surprisingly, in the United States, trafficking occurs and then the child goes home at night--it's not what you'd typically imagine or what you've seen in the media.

This is an incredibly important conversation that has the potential to save innumerable lives from slavery: Listen in, learn what to look for in your own community, and learn how YOU can help in the fight against people who actively seek to harm children. 

Take the free trafficking course to educate yourself on what to look for in your own community. 

Connect with OUR Rescue at and on all social media channels @ourrescue 

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