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Motherhood Unstressed

Aug 23, 2021

Author and Climate Movement Organizer Daniel Sherrell joins me this week for a expansive conversation on climate change: not what it is or how we solve it, but the emotional terrain of the crisis, and how it feels to imagine a future—and a family—under its weight. In his new book, "Warmth", a fiercely personal account written from inside the climate movement, Sherrell lays bare how the crisis is transforming our relationships to time, to hope, and to each other. Tune in to learn how best to navigate these disheartening times, and parent with hope and purpose in an environmentally threatened world. 

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Buy the Book: At once a memoir, a love letter, and an electric work of criticism, WARMTH goes to the heart of the defining question of our time: how do we go on in a world that may not?

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