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Motherhood Unstressed

Aug 30, 2021

In this conversation CEO and co-founder of Wavelength, Sarah Stites, and I discuss the power of changing your thoughts and behaviors around food, and the toxicity of diet culture, weight stigma, and body shame. Tune in to learn how changing how you think can improve your relationship with food for good!

Sarah was diagnosed with PCOS and pre-diabetes as a teen, gaining 100lbs within a year while struggling with dieting.

Instead of addressing the root causes of her eating habits, doctors and diet programs shamed her for her weight and lack of “willpower.” That’s when her mom, a scientist with a PhD and a masters degree in nutrition science stepped in. She helped her understand the science and psychology behind her eating choices, without guilt or shame. Sarah changed her eating by working with her body and mind, reversed her pre-diabetes, and lost 150lbs. That was ten years ago. 

Together, Sarah and her mom created Wavelength — a holistic, compassionate, science-forward approach for anyone struggling with eating choices.


"The behavioral, the metabolic, the neurological patterns that underly our eating choices are complex, but it has nothing to do with the quality of your character, discipline, or willpower"

"By addressing the root causes of our eating behaviors we can fundamentally heal our relationship with food, change our health and change our stars"

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