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Motherhood Unstressed

Apr 2, 2024

Heidi Reimer's journey into motherhood sparked the inspiration for her latest work, "The Mother Act," a poignant exploration of the intricate dance between maternal devotion and personal fulfillment.

As a stay-at-home mother juggling the demands of caring for a baby and a toddler while her actor husband traveled for work, Heidi found herself at a crossroads. In a moment of quiet desperation, she contemplated the unthinkable: walking away from it all. Yet, instead of succumbing to her fleeting thoughts, Heidi channeled her emotions into a feverish burst of creativity, weaving her experiences into a literary tapestry that captures the essence of modern motherhood.

"The Mother Act" delves deep into the trials, triumphs, and sacrifices of motherhood, offering a bold perspective on the thin line between self-prioritization and self-centeredness. Through the lens of a mother and daughter duo, Heidi explores themes of identity, ambition, and the profound impact of our choices on those we love.

Tune in as we dissect the greater themes within "The Mother Act," from its feminist undertones to its exploration of the complexities of womanhood. Join us as we unravel the layers of this compelling narrative, exploring how Heidi's personal journey informed her storytelling and the universal truths it unveils about the human experience. Whether you're a parent grappling with the challenges of balancing family and personal aspirations or simply a lover of thought-provoking literature, this conversation promises to enlighten and inspire.

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About Heidi

Heidi Reimer is a novelist and writing coach. Her debut novel,  The Mother Act, is coming from Penguin Random House in April 2024. Her writing interrogates the lives of women, usually those bent on breaking free of what they’re given to create what they yearn for. Her front row seat to The Mother Act’s theatrical world began two decades ago when she met and married an actor, and her immersion in motherhood began when she adopted a toddler and discovered she was pregnant on the same day. She has published in  ChatelaineThe New QuarterlyLiterary Mama, and the anthologies  The M Word: Conversations About Motherhood  and  Body & Soul: Stories for Skeptics and Seekers.

About the Book

Set against the sparkling backdrop of the theater world, this propulsive debut follows the complicated relationship between an actress who refuses to abandon her career and the daughter she chooses to abandon instead.

Sadie Jones, a larger-than-life actress and controversial feminist, never wanted to be a mother. No one feels this more deeply than Jude, the daughter Sadie left behind. While Jude spent her childhood touring with her father’s Shakespearian theater company, desperate for validation from the mother she barely knew, Sadie catapulted to fame on the wings of The Mother Act—a scathing one-woman show depicting her maternal rage.

Two decades later, Jude is a talented actress in her own right, and her fraught relationship with Sadie has come to a head—bitterly and publicly. On a December evening in New York City, at the packed premiere of Sadie’s latest play, the two come face-to-face and the intertwined stories of their lives unravel. With years of love, resentment, and misunderstanding laid bare, the questions loom: What are the costs of being a devoted mother and a devoted artist, and who gets to decide if the collateral damage is justified?

Compelling, insightful, and cleverly conveyed as a play in six acts, The Mother Act is equal parts stylish page-turner and provocative exploration of womanhood.

Coming April 30, 2024 from Dutton and Random House Canada. Pre-Order here: