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Motherhood Unstressed

Nov 7, 2022

As a bestselling author and host of a beloved podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Nora McInerny has captured the hearts of millions by discussing grief and loss with wit and warmth. Now, with her new book BAD VIBES ONLY (And Other Things I Bring to the Table); she turns her eye on our aggressively, oppressively optimistic culture, our obsession with self-improvement, and what it really means to live our lives online.

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Bad Vibes Only | Book by Nora McInerny | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster


In a series of essays that span her childhood to the present, Nora introduces us to her mind and her world while inviting us to closely observe our own. We meet the people that challenge, question, and make Nora reflect on her own life, habits, and personality: her children, and their homework meltdowns, job searches, and online personalities; her college friend Kathleen, who now lives as a cloistered nun; and her uncle, a philosopher who has never used the internet (gasp!). Nora celebrates the joys and challenges of a blended family, and the surprises brought to bear by her approaching “early” middle age.

BAD VIBES ONLY is not only a response to a society that tells us to live, laugh, and love—it’s a reminder that in a world where we are more connected to and observed by our peers than ever before, we still deserve the freedom to
be ourselves.

Nora McInerny was voted Most Humorous by the Annunciation Catholic School Class of 1997. Since then, she’s written the bestselling memoirs It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) and No Happy Endings, as well as The Hot Young Widows Club and Bad Moms. She hosts the award-winning podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking, has spoken on TED’s
mainstage, and has contributed to publications like The New York Times, Time, Slate, and Vox. She is very tall.