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Motherhood Unstressed

Dec 20, 2021

Amanda Knox spent four years in an Italian prison following a wrongful conviction for the murder of her roommate: a sentence that was ultimately overturned by the Italian Supreme Court. She is now a mother, author, journalist, and co-host of the "Labyrinths" podcast alongside her husband Christopher Robinson. In this episode we talk about her journey to freedom, how motherhood has influenced her mindset, healing and growth after trauma, and what's next for her. 


"I thought I had that unknowing behind me, and instead, motherhood has shown me there's a lot of unknown in front of me"

"Since I've had a daughter, I feel much more of a compulsion to set my daughter up in a better life than I've had...I want to defend her in ways I couldn't defend myself"

"I became this blank slate onto which people could project all of their anger and hatred towards sexually active young women"


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