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Motherhood Unstressed

Feb 22, 2021

If you are like many adults, you've experienced issues coping with all that the pandemic has brought upon our lives. But children are also being severely impacted. Even before the pandemic started, unprecedented rates of childhood anxiety and depression existed, with one in five children under the age of eighteen diagnosed with a mental health disorder. More kids are affected by mental illness than asthma, peanut allergies, diabetes, and cancer combined.   Post pandemic, those numbers are expected to climb even higher.

In this episode I sit down with leading child and adolescent psychiatrist and president of Child Mind Institute, Harold Koplewicz, MD, to discuss his timely new book, THE SCAFFOLD EFFECT: Raising Resilient, Self-Reliant, and Secure Kids in the Age of Anxiety (Harmony Books; On-Sale February 2, 2021). He shares a powerful and clinically tested new parenting strategy that will teach competence and resilience in everyday life, as well as prevent and counteract the general anxiety and emotional fragility prevalent in children and teenagers today. Grab a pen, this episode is full of helpful and transformative information!

Connect with Dr. Koplewicz at

IG @childmindinstitute and @drharoldkoplewicz

About Dr. Koplewicz

Dr. Koplewicz is a world-renowned child psychiatrist and he and his clinicians at the Child Mind Institute who have treated tens of thousands of children, use the parenting techniques described in the book, so the methods in the book are clinically tested.   

 Get the Book here

THE SCAFFOLD EFFECT is needed now more than ever to ensure that we are raising emotionally healthy and independent children.

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