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Motherhood Unstressed

Oct 25, 2021

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This week I’m so excited to be speaking with 2x NY Times bestselling cookbook author Elyse Kopecky to talk about her new book, co-authored with famed Olympic runner Shalane Flanagan, aptly named "RISE & RUN". It's a take-back-the-morning manifesto, complete with over 100 nutrient-dense recipes and the tools to establish an impactful morning routine. Shalane and Elyse’s message of ritualizing self-care—and fueling those moments with healthy, delicious meals—will resonate and leave you with some fun new ideas for your morning routine. 

Nutrition coach and chef Elyse and Olympic silver-medalist Shalane are known for their healthy, high-fuel, go-to recipes. But a lot has changed for Shalane and Elyse since their last book, Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow, became a bestseller in 2018. Now both in their forties, Elyse is training for her first marathon, and Shalane is running 6 marathons in 43 days!

In RISE & RUN, they share how their routines have changed, and what they do to stay fueled and centered in their busy lives. These peeks behind the curtain—and their foolproof recipes—are what make Shalane and Elyse trusted resources for so many people trying to squeeze in time for their passions and keep their bodies healthy.

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • The struggles of finding balance in a busy life (kids, careers, relationships) and still prioritizing yourself, and what works for Elyse 
  • How to clear your head and focus on the here and now with your kids
  • The top recipes that keep their bodies fueled without taking too much time to make
  • Recipes that fuel the whole family (even the picky eaters)


"Outside of running more miles, the single greatest thing athletes can do to improve their performance (and their long-term health and happiness) is to learn to cook."

"We know that how you start your morning impacts your entire day and most parents start their day frantic...if I start my day rushing it impacts my kids"

"When you drop your nervous system into a slower state, you can absorb more nutrition from your food"



IG: @elysekopecky

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