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Motherhood Unstressed

Jan 20, 2020

Wayne Dyer famously said, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  Those wise sentiments are at the core of my guest's work, and sets the stage for how he is making an incredible impact in the bodybuilding and mental fitness world. Ben is a retired professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Canada who now educates people all around the globe on the benefits of an intelligent and holistic approach to muscle building and its effect on thriving health, longevity, upgraded consciousness, self-confidence and an overall positive outlook on life.

He also hosts the podcast “Muscle Intelligence” and is the creator of the best-selling muscle-building program MI40.

In this episode we discuss how revolutionary it can be to your work, your body and your life when you start to shift your internal dialogue from an evolutionary-based negative mindset to one of gratitude and optimism. Listen in to learn simple and effective tactics that Ben uses every single day to help train your mind so that you can be a stronger person, both inside and out.  


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