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Motherhood Unstressed

Mar 16, 2020

Are you your own worst enemy? Are the stories you tell yourself about what you are capable of holding you back from being happy? I know we're all dealing with a lot of anxiety and uncertainly these days, but there is something you can control: your mindset. This week Dave Hollis, one half of the dynamic, powerhouse duo that is Rachel and Dave Hollis, is sharing his journey of self-exploration and boundary pushing, and why pursuing GROWTH provides the ultimate source of happiness and fulfillment in life.

Dave's new book, "Get Out of Your Own Way" is the story of how one former personal development skeptic became a spokesperson for growth. Get it delivered today!

About Dave:

Dave is the former Disney film distribution chief who was responsible for the relaunch of the Star Wars franchise, the Avengers series, and mega-hits like Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, but he left his prestigious post at Disney last year to lead The Hollis Company alongside his wife Rachel Hollis.


Get Out of Your Own Way

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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