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Motherhood Unstressed

Jul 15, 2019

In a world where money weighs so heavily on our choices, it's strange that nobody feels able to talk about it. Enter Julien and Kiersten Saunders: Founders of the popular financial blog, Rich & REGULAR. Their intention is to change the perception of black wealth in this country, provide a positive example on how to have a successful relationship with money, and offer strategic ways to make your money successfully work for you rather than you working for it. 

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Their new program, "Eating Better on a Budget" is out now!

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rich & REGULAR is a lot of things.

It’s a blog, a mindset, a voice and a wake up call to name a few.  You might even say it’s our love story but if we’re really lucky—it’ll be a movement.  One that reverses trends, empowers families and changes lives for the better.  

Born out of a bottle of wine overlooking nature’s beauty, the idea for rich & REGULAR came to us in 2015, but the real work started years earlier.

We met as co-workers in 2012 and clicked immediately.  When we weren’t working, we traveled, had tons of fun and slowly began to build a life together. With no blueprint to follow, we somehow gained the courage to tackle some really difficult conversations about money.  The outcome was a multi-year plan to eliminate debt from our lives and to build real sustainable wealth.  

Between 2013 and 2018, we paid off $200K in debt,boosted our net worth and learned a lifetime of lessons along the way.

So here we are, ready to share and to serve as an example of two regular a$$ people living good…on the low.  Thanks for visiting our site.  The best is yet to come.

Julien & Kiersten aka Mr. and Mrs. r&R