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Motherhood Unstressed

Oct 21, 2019

What does it mean to "do the work"? So often in the personal development space you hear that term, but what does it actually mean? Positive psychology expert Tallia Deljou is on the podcast getting open and honest about how to go deeper, push through your fears, and look beyond surface level excuses about what you don't like about your life, into the deeper true causes of unhappiness.

This conversation is going to make you uncomforabtle and question everything you thought about your life, but in the best possible way. If you're interested in learning how to change your own storyline, consciously shape your reality, and optimize your life, listen in. Available for free on @applepodcasts or wherever you download podcasts. Please subscribe and leave us a review!


About Tallia

Tallia Deljou is a positive psychology expert and coach who helps women develop the skills and mindset to elevate their life paths with clarity and confidence. Connect with Tallia at and listen to her podcast "Sincerely, Me" wherever you download podcasts.